Welcome to geebee.org (spoken: ) - The citizens' initiative for more security on the net.

geebee.org is providing information how to use the net safely and therefore provide the necessary tools.

This project is beneficial.

geebee.org's proposal includes a SearchEngine for web contents, images, videos, shopping, auctions and translations.

You can search anonymously and quietly. Your connection is high encrypted.(the geebee.org standard : RSA 7680 Bits)

geebee.org also offer counceling for IT security, VPN services, proxy services and specialized data mining.

As a citizens' initiative fairness towards the users and nature is taken as central issue. Therefore geebee.org is powered by 100% green energy and puts emphasis upon your individual wishes.

Supporting this project

You can fortify a positive development of the region, the planet and communities by using the link redirections of geebee.org services.

Every year the regional funds get more burdened that is why geebee.org wants to offer the citizens of the region the possibility to support the area with your online purchase. Revenue is generated by buying something using geebee.org's link redirections and forms (startpage/search links/Enigmabox). At least 30% of all income is handed to the regional administration(taxes) so it can be invested in repairs of public supply networks like streets and public institutions like kindergartens, schools, etc. The net income is invested in beneficial projects like the WWF or the FKK.

The goal is backing up and imrpoving your private sphere and offering a opportunity to support the maintenance of those projects.

geebee.org is developed further constantly. The team never stops learning :). That is why the geebee.org-team apreciates your assistance with sharing information about geebee.org, sharing the website url, any kind of feedback, cooperation requests, user needs or bug reports.

geebee.org are taking part in many Open Source projects (including this own projects) for developing this network.

Technical Data / Encryption


- ServerKey : RSA 8192 Bit

- Ciphers :

Compatibility with outdated browsers: geebee.org does not support SSLv3. Browsers like IE8,IE6,Android 2.3, and similar cannot use the SSL encrypted version of the web service(Login,Register,etc. will not work). geebee.org does not recommend to use one of these outdated browser clients since they are vulnerable to the BEAST,LUCKY13,POODLE attack.

more infos and security tests regarding geebee.org : SSL Labs



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HTTPS + POST : An encrypted SSL(HTTPS), connection ensuring your privacy. The search variables like keywords, etc. are encrypted too due to sending them by POST.
HTTPS + GET The Datatransfer is enrypted but search variables are given in the URL
HTTP + GET : non encrypted Datatransfer
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Filter Adult Material

Filters for porn and violence - if those are activated complying results are not shown.

parental lock: with setting a password and saving the settings you are activating the parental lock. You are able to reset it by typing in the correct password, clicking reset and saving the settings. To use the child protection properly you need to create a separate system account for your child with no write access to Cookies(For this porpose there will manuals be created regarding the Operating System you use).

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With activating this option social plugins embed to this website will get loaded automatically. You will automatically accept all terms of used social plugin hosters by setting activated. Please reconsider our terms and links to related terms for more information .
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