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Save the Canarias

In March 2012 the spanish government approved with the exploration oil drilling near the canary islands. 


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in Campagnes 

Fracking - No Way!

Fracking aka Hydraulic Fracturing is used to gather fluids from unconventional deposits. "Unconventional gas is the collective term used for shale gas, tight gas and coal bed methane (CBM). The only thing unconventional is the rock." There are several vertical and horizontal drillins made which reach down thousands of meters to exploit the fluid deposits. Therefore they use so called fracfluids which are pressed down the drilling hole with pressures up to 1000 bar to create rifts within those rock layers. For each drilling there are more than 5000 m³ of fracfluid needed.The fracfluid is so called used to stabilize the rifts to let the fluid flow freely towards the drilling whole to get harvested. But honestly who can believe that such procedure is working 100% fail proof? like it was also told for deep sea drillings and we all know what this went to in the Golf of Mexico.


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in Campagnes