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A short manual regarding the search syntax

Following indexes have regular expressions enabled:
- Moogle beta
- Dictionary (the setting "accuracy" spares the need of the usage of ^ or $ to make the search input more easy for Qwerty keyboard users (smartphones,etc.) / * can still be used to spread the result set)


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Encrypted Emails With GnuPG, Thunderbird And Enigmail (Windows)

Encrypting and signing Emails is crucial since they are sent as plain text messages. Anybody sniffing the connection traffic on routes used to deliver the message could have a look at your private e-mail or manipulate contents without having to open any envelope. Therefore this tutorial is about encrypting your e-mails using PGP (= Pretty Good Privacy). This cipher is 100% proof against cracking attempts if the private/public keys are chosen/generated well. This tutorial can be used with any popular email account like Yahoo! Mail, G-Mail, GMX,,etc. You will not have any costs for encrypting your e-mails pretty good ;) . This way you are also able to create unique signatures for e-mails, files, etc. This way users can ensure the authenticity of a received e-mail.


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