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Updates September/October 2020

Framework Updates:
- Advertisements may now be activated(automatic activation) or deactivated(manual activation) at the page settings (default setting: activated).
- Front end Updates (some browsers need to be restarted and offline data and cache files must be reset, relating to the updates of the javascripts and CSS)
- The autocomplete/suggestions is/are activated automatically and contains only 10 instead of 20 elements.
- Sanitizer(automatic validation of input concerning harmful data) Updates
- and more


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geeBee Framework Update

- Generic ajax requests if browser supports javascript to reduce the transmitted datavolume.
- Compression of cached ajax data.
- Improving the handling of history and cache for ajax calls.
- A search hub for managing incoming search requests, handling preescaping of all input variables and session tokens.
- Video bar for watching videos while looking things up.
- New animations.
- Code cleanup & minor bugfixes.
- Bugfixes regarding the dictionary and moogle:
- Search syntax: & and |  for searches with index of * or **
e.g. searchterm1 & searchterm2 oder searchterm1 | ( searchterm2 & searchterm3 ) etc.
- Better processing of incorrect user input


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