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HTTPS + POST : An encrypted SSL(HTTPS) connection ensuring your privacy. The search variables like keywords, etc. are encrypted and masked.
HTTPS + GET : The data transfer is enrypted but search variables displayed in the URL.
HTTP + GET : Non encrypted datatransfer
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Parental lock: with setting a password you are activating the parental lock. You are able to reset it by typing in the correct password clicking reset and saving the settings. To use the child protection properly you need to create a separate system account for your child with no write access to cookies

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Troubleshooting: user login / registration

There were some external issues which need still to be investigated resulting in problems for users' login and users' registrations. If there was any MITM attempt it did fail definitively. So you do not need to be afraid that your user data was harmed. By the way we hardened our login mechanisms against MITM ;) .

- If you might have any problems logging in just start a new session by deleting the session cookie.

- If you might have any problems registering your account or activating it try to reset your password.

- If you still have problems do not hesitate to contact us by email tech_support at

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