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Roundup - A Cell Killer?
Translation in de

It was evidenced that Glyphosat in Roundup has a potential for damaging the mitochondria in cells of mammalians: First of all there was evidence for the blockade of the respiratory chain of the cell - 40% of all isolated mitochondria did have a blockade of the third complex of the respitory chain:

Abetted by tensides like surfactant TN-20 Glyphosat is able permeate the double membrane to take effect in the mitochondria themselves or cell modules which can lead to cell death/necrosis if the functioning of those is erroneous or limited.

As follows a non detected malfunction of cell modules or the mitochondria themselves which is caused by partial denaturing of the cell's DNS or the mitochondrias' DNS could lead to "cancer".

If Glyphosat without "tunnel diggers" like TN-20 can not do any harm later circulating within the water cycle is not for sure.
There are many enzymes based on acid or base in the natural world which have a similar or even more fatal effect on the cell membrane. The same is to be expected from mixtures with alcohols since alcohols also attack the outer cell membrane like chemical dissolvents if unsaturated or infuse agents to the metabolism of the cell functioning as a carrier. Alcohols will usually be deteced by a cell as long chained "sugar". Relatives and/or antagonists of the mitochondria like bacteria or mycelia are also using alcohols as a bio technical combat agent.

There are several processes at courts in the USA concerning claims for compensation which were mostly lost by the corporations:

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